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customer service

I had to return an item and was informed of a 25 dollar restocking fee in addition to non refunded paypal fees AFTER I had sent the item back. No mention of these charges prior to return.
I wont be dealing with them again.

4 months ago

review by RobinSchofield

I think my biggest fear buying used merchandise via an online vendor I knew nothing about previously was two-fold: 1) the products were faulty, the vendor never ships and you're stuck having to chase them down, ... and 2) if there was problem once the product was received, there'd be no one at the other end of the phone, and solving issues would be a nightmare.

But here I am. None of my fears materialized, and my expectations were beyond surpassed. I am IN LOVE with my new computer! It arrived in super condition, and works like a dream. And the representative at UsedMacs was always avail by phone, was super helpful answering questions when I was making critical buying decisions, and was available immediately when I needed help setting a few things up once my system arrived. I highly recommend UsedMacs. Suzanne D.

2 years ago

review by chaeldiongroup

I purchased a PowerMac G5 Quad from UsedMacs in January 2011 and have been very pleased with the machine so far. Very smooth transaction and great price. Receptive and helpful answering questions before purchase was made.

2 years ago

review by elkepessl

A phenomenal deal and excellent service from UsedMacs!This iMac is at least a few years old and it is flawless, exactly as advertised with one exception: I'm pretty sure the mouse and keyboard are not used, they are brand new. The owner of UsedMacs patiently answered my questions, I'm not experienced with Macs, and the experience was entirely trouble free. Set-up the computer was simple; a few online software updates and this iMac is good to go!

2 years ago

review by mccrpv

The customer service representative at UsedMacs, David, had very good follow-through skills, as he called me several times to ensure that I would order the correct amount of RAM for both my budget and computing needs. I didn't know much about this product, and he helped me understand it. Additionally, my product shipped rather quickly, and I was very happy with the result. (Much faster computer!) Payment through PayPal was also rather convenient.

2 years ago

review by lisaviktorya

I purchased an amazing Mac 24" about 6 months ago,
and we are still raving about the deal we got. We recieved
the correct computer on time the first time. We got great
costumer service by Dave, since I am not very computer
savvy. We tell all our friends to use used

2 years ago

review by Trembleyd

I needed a MacBook so husband could play his huge collection of music at his office(we have an external hard drive for storage). Since new MacBooks don't have Firewire 800 or built-in optical drive (plus they're so darned expensive), I decided to look for a used one. I was leery at first - I didn't want to spend $$$ on something that wouldn't work or would look banged-up sitting on hubby's desk. I'm also a neophyte when it comes to internet shopping.

The UsedMacs web-site made it easy to see what options their various computers had (needed that Firewire & CD drive!) and what kind of condition they were in. The one I selected was described as "good"; what I received was GORGEOUS. No visible scratches of any kind. Carefully wrapped, with all chords & even backup diskettes for the OSX operating system (something many used computer sellers DON'T include). It worked perfectly right out of the box & has been performing like a champ ever since.

I highly recommend UsedMacs for any Mac product - they provided quick service, contact info for any problems & a product that was better than advertised. Next time I need anything Mac-related I know where to look first!

2 years ago

review by Dvisra

After debating whether to purchase a refurbished MacPro from Used Macs or from another online store we have used in the past, I called Used Macs and spoke to David - asking many, many questions about the Mac itself and also about his store (I'm sure I drove him a little nuts by keeping him on the phone for so long!). He was extremely helpful, answering every question in detail and never once trying to rush me off the phone or pressuring me into making a decision before I was ready. After speaking with David, we went ahead and bought the MacPro from UsedMacs - it arrived a couple of days later in absolutely beautiful condition... We've only had it a week now, but so far it runs perfectly and we are very, very pleased! I will recommend UsedMacs to anyone who is looking for a refurbished Mac... and I will definitely make my future purchases from them!

2 years ago

review by LizV.

I ordered a power cord for my PowerBook G4 last month and had a great experience ordering from UsedMacs. I saw the item on their website and wasn't sure it was what I needed so I called. The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful and friendly. I proceeded to order the item and it was priced very well!

I received the power cord in a dat or two which I was not expecting since it was coming from the other side of the country but I was pleasantly surprised. The cord was in perfect condition and works great. I would definitely order from UsedMacs again in the future!

2 years ago

review by estaced

Ordered PowerMac G5 Quad 2.5 with the requested Mac OS, and received it in 2 days carefully boxed in Apple shipping carton.
Beautiful machine with nary a blemish! Had slight problem with
HD hookup requiring opening the Mac and making the necessary adjustments. David the UsedMacs tech spent over an hour with me on the phone making sure everything was working perfectly. In this process I learned the machine well enough to add an additional HD, and RAM with ease.
The tutoring I received was invaluable, and a rarity for
the usual Customer Service! The machine runs beautifully, as new,
and I am one happy customer! Will definitely shop again. THANKS!

2 years ago

review by Trikaya7

I bought a POWER MAC G5 DUAL CORE 2.3GHz PCI-e  - M9591LL/A from UsedMacs last week. It is a nice G5 bought a a very good price. The shipping was prompt, the Mac was very well packed. My questions just prior to purchase were answered prompt and accurate. They are good to buy from.

Roger Harris

2 years ago

review by Rogre

first of all shelling out $1600 on anything you purchase online is a risky endeavor. i literally spent a week researching what i could get for what i needed to upgrade my studio. when i chose used macs i spoke to david 3 times to make sure i was getting what i needed. not one to be embarrassed about asking dumb questions i asked quite a few i'm sure but he never seemed exasperated, frustrated or put off during our conversations. though i must say the thick brooklyn accent was marks for all concerning david and company....all the best to you........frank butorac

2 years ago

review by frankbutorac

In January 2011, I purchased a used MacBook Pro 15" (Santa Rosa version, circa 2007) from UsedMacs. My knowledge of computers is, I believe, fairly average. (I rely on my Number Three Son for "Geek Knowledge".) I had the need to move from my prior Mac PowerBook G4 to a "new" used Mac to support my Wife's iPad. I researched used Mac laptop models and prices adequately to identify what I was interested in and to have an idea of the going rate. I found UsedMacs by simply searching the Internet. I read the reviews on this site and noted the (positive) comments about David and saw his (good) response to one review that was less than stellar. I had a question about the Mac I was interested in buying and I called David and spoke with him. After that conversation, I felt comfortable with purchasing this $800+ used Mac from him. I have not been disappointed with any aspect of the transaction. Indeed, I am quite pleased with laptop and UsedMacs/David. I encourage others to avail themselves of his services. (P.S., I enjoy the efficiencies that a computer and the Web provides--and the written inputs from others on this website, but there is nothing quite like connecting with--doing business with--another human being . . . .)

2 years ago

review by ODE2JOYboy

I was in need of MacPro 8-cores and David at UsedMacs was very accommodating in my needs and helped me work around Paypal limitations. Every Mac was shipped quickly and worked right out of the box. Much better than my one attempt to buy a MacPro elsewhere, when I got it, it wouldn't even turn on and the tech wanted me to take it to an Apple store. Needless to say I went back to UsedMacs and bought our remainder 8-cores and they have been working great.

2 years ago

review by TCG-Carl

I was suspicious at first but after speaking with David and seeing that there was a guarantee I felt at ease. And I asked my Mac savvy friends about the MacBook David was selling and they said it was a good deal. So I went for it...
David was great at handling all my questions and staying in communication about how the process works. He made it simple and he was so kind and generous answering all my questions! David really understands his work and brings high quality customer service.
I am enjoying my MacBook.
I highly recommend UsedMacs!
Koichi Naruishi

2 years ago

review by koichidc

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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