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delivery 1 /5

price 3.8 /5

quality 2 /5

refund 3.3 /5

customer service 2.4 /5

One of the most disappointing experiences I have ever had. Ordered a gift for my son's birthday which is tomorrow 1st November. As the item is still not here I have just called them to chase and was advised it isn't expected to be delivered before end of November!!? I have ordered well in advance, paid increased delivery cost, just to make sure it arrives on time, and all I got was rude, unprofessional, not even apologetic attitude from their customer service saying that's it, nothing they can do. What a shocking service. I won't just voice my opinion here. I will make sure as many people as possible are aware and avoid becoming customer to this company. Absolute joke!

1 year ago

review by Irina

#delivery(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

Poor quality product that was faulty and a very poor quality company in customer service absolutely small minded unprofessional approach to solving customers problems from management. be warned this is not the type of company you would like to try and return a default product to, best shop somewhere else .

1 year ago

review by Mark Harrsion

#quality(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

I bought a motherboard from Novatech which turned out to be incompatible with my RAM. They had me return it to them at my own expense pointlessly since they then told me they would not accept returns if a box has been opened. So it's very risky buying pc components from them unless you are 100% sure it will be compatible with the rest of your system and I certainly would not order from them again.

1 year ago

review by Nick Horton

Considered a good e-tailer however very frustrating where back-orders are concerned. They entice you to enter their website and take up their offers however upon stocks arriving advise of colossal price increases. They should not be advertising low prices on OOS items that clearly they're not going to honour upon stocks arriving.

1 year ago

review by T. V.


I bought a small notebook. It took 4 weeks to arrive. It runs like the old dial-up internet, taking ages to load each page. When I rang the customer helpline I was told that the machine has only a small amount of memory so expect poor performance. I recommend that you avoid Novatech.

1 year ago

review by Tim Spener

Needed help with getting the right part for my computer and was allowed to take several possible parts incase I needed them all. Fortunately I only needed one part and so was given a refund for the parts not needed and not taken out of the boxes. Many Thanks Novatech.

1 year ago

review by Keith


Sold product as order saying it will arrive within the week which it did. Kept saying it will arrive within the next few days which it never did. No communication or feedback about missed dates. Even when we cancelled the order we received no email but instead had to cancel the order via Paypal to make sure we got our money back.

2 years ago

review by G. E.

You asked; what went wrong?Simple.. you sale people junk products. Very poor quality it's the worse that I have ever seen!! Do not buy ...complete waste of time and money. (That's what went wrong!) What a joke!!!

2 years ago

review by Gina


I paid for a card 232.79£ ea
I'v got e-mail price change,
copy of e-mail
"Unfortunately with this information they have advised that the price has been adjusted and we would not be able to offer the graphics cards at the price originally stated. The new price for this card is £269.99 including VAT (£249.99 excluding VAT), this would be a £68.40 including VAT (£57.00 excluding VAT) price increase per card."
269.99-232.79= 37.20£ ("this would be a £68.40 including VAT")
can someone explain me this, because they are experts on math apparently....
Customer service is 1 out of 10

2 years ago

review by msinickas

#price(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

I chose this company over amazon because I thought things would go smoother in case of problem. I was wrong.
To be short : ordered a whole pc in parts, everything seemed to work, excepted when a driver for the video card was installed : video card would just stop, no more video input. After a dozen hours of testing, I returned (5 days after the order) on their advice the graphics card asking for a refund. I bought another GC from them in the meanwhile. Their offered the free collection, but the guy never showed up. I sent the GC back myself, and went on a business trip in the US since i had to. Now here is the problem : After testing the card, they replied that it did not seem faulty, and refused the refund. Ok now I have 2 cards, not great, but still. I went back home, talked with the support, was told that the motherboard may be faulty, and that I should return it. Which I did. 8 days later, I get an answer saying the MB has a problem, and that they will return it to the manufacturer for him to repair it. I should have an answer within 28 days. Wait, what? 28 more days? I asked if they could just exchange it, and their answer was No, because now 28 days have passed since the order. And now 2 months have passed since the original order, and I still don't have a solution for the PC. They refuse to hear anything, no gesture of goodwill. This is honestly the worst experience I ever had.

2 years ago

review by GuiP


Bought two identical PCs for my son and nephew Christmas before last.
The nephew's failed completely after a couple of months. Had to find my own packaging and send it back to them.

Once it was returned it crashed regularly. Unfortunately the teenager in question was to desperate to play GTA to let me know this until it again failed completely. By that time it was out of warranty.

A couple of weeks after that my son's pc also failed completely.

By way of comparison: i have a pc in my music studio that i built ten years ago and it is still working just fine under considerable load.

I contacted Novatech but as with all the other stories here was met with a rigid adherence to the party line and a surprising level of technical ignorance.

I have dealt with other companies that are quite happy to help -- even when an item is out of warranty -- so it's not unreasonable to expect some sort of compensatory or placatory offer under these circumstances. Two expensive PCs failed completely in just over a year? Very poor.

So I've decided to just fix them myself and go back to buying components and building my own PCs.

P.S. It's the Novatech power supplies that have failed on both PCs. I'm guessing that's what the problem was when we had the first complete failure too.

2 years ago

review by CaptainBalrog1

Been a loyal customer for years, until I purchased 2 sticks of Crucial 8 GiG RAM. Caused page file and memory management errors in win10, i returned the item with an explanation of the problem. I received an email saying that the memory works (been tested 13 times!) and that I had scratched the flanges (there are lumps of aluminium stuck to the RAM (for cooling i presume) Got nowhere with customer service except "cant issue a refund, look at the pictures we sent you you damaged the items) received the pictures could see nothing and even the technicians own admission says its hard to see.

I have received the RAM back today. I see no scratches whatsoever on the RAM. Tried explaining to Customer service without much joy. Even fired an email off to the customer service director with no response.

Seems they will go to any length not to issue a refund. I wouldn't mind I was happy to accept a credit note so I could purchase another brand from them.

Shame they lost a good customer who for the last 15 years has given nothing but loyalty to this customer.

2 years ago

review by bretticus1990

#refund(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

I'm absolutely disgusted with the extremely poor quality of a laptop which I purchased 5 months ago at a cost of £800!! It has already been returned to Novatech for a repair to the keyboard etc and it took 2 weeks for them to carry out the repairs! NOW, THERE ARE MANY MORE PROBLEMS - SO MANY THAT I WOULDN'T KNOW WHERE TO START FIRST LISTING THEM!!! I have searched everywhere for an e-mail address without any luck so I have completed the very small area on the 'contact us' form - their 'chat line' is closed - it is almost midnight (Sunday) and I have been trying to sort out the problems for the past 3 days without success.... I have spent literally hours discussing the issues with Microsoft but still the problems remain...… enough is now enough! (Note: My very old desk-top PC with Windows XP is still going strong!!!!). I was always led to believe that Novatech was the best place to purchase Laptops etc in the Portsmouth area so I thought that the cost of £800 would mean that I would have a laptop which would last for many, many years.... HOW WRONG I WAS!!! DON'T BE TAKEN IN BY THE LIES THAT THEY TELL RELATING TO THE PRODUCT, TAKE MY ADVICE AND DON'T PURCHASE FROM NOVATECH .. I WILL PROBABLY RECEIVE A TELEPHONE CALL FROM THEM TOMORROW MORNING, HOWEVER IF THEY ASK FOR A PAYMENT FOR THE REPAIR 'AGAIN' I WILL REFUSE TO PAY THE £100 OR SO THAT THEY WILL PROBABLY ASK FOR AGAIN...…… A 5-MONTH OLD LAPTOP - NO WAY!!! I WILL MOST LIKELY CONTACT CONSUMER'S RIGHTS, TRADING STANDARDS AND THE OMBUDSMAN RELATING TO TRADING ETC, ETC... IT IS A GREAT SHAME AS THE STAFF WERE ALL SO VERY NICE. 'NOVATECH' PRODUCTS SHOULD HAVE LABELS ATTACHED STATING "WARNING - THIS PRODUCT IS PROBABLY FAULTY - PLEASE THINK AGAIN ABOUT PURCHASING THIS ITEM"...… STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!!!

2 years ago

review by Mrs P.


Poor customer service and return policy , The product did not work when trying to return it after 2 hours the flatly refused on the bases that the box was slightly ripped , tried to tell the manger this was how it was delivered but was having none of it , a complete seconded rate company that sell poor quality products , best avoid and buy somewhere else.... or good luck in trying to return or get a replacement if the product is faulty.

2 years ago

review by MarkHarrison-40294

#quality(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

I bought a mobo from novatech online and it would not work, I returned it to novatech who rang me a few days later saying the pins for the cpu were damaged, they said they can return it to me of they could send it back to asus at a cost of £50 so i asked them to return it so i could see for myself, I explained that i had already checked the pins with a magnifying glass and they looked fine, but as I am new to all this i figured i could have missed something, as soon as i received the mobo back the pin that was damaged was obvious, I explained to them that it was not like that when i sent it back and they said it must have been so no refund, I told them i took photo's of it before and you can clearly see it is fine, they requested to see them, they then wanted a photo which showed the cpu pins and the mobo serial number to prove i hadn't taken a pic of a different board, which luckily i had and proceeded to send to them, today i called them, and they are trying to say that the pictures could have been taken before i installed it and therefore before i had apparently damaged it, I said why would I take photo's of it and also if that was the case then when was one of the pins sticking bolt upright above the others, surely a cpu would crush the pin. She was having none of it. Upon looking online it seems there have been quite a few people who they have done this too.

2 years ago

review by jwilding1


Ordered 4x 1070ti for 430 GBP each. Websites clearly stated that they had 0 in stock and they will only order more when ordered. So I put my order for 4 of those in for 1750 GBP. They charged my paypal the moment I put my order in but then 3 weeks nothing happened. I patiently waited, knowing they are trying to order those cards for me. Today, somebody from Novatech called me and told me that the price for those increased and that my order is not binding to them (even after they charged me right away and kept my money for 3+ weeks) until they got the goods.. So I refused and they deleted my order. Checked my paypal and since money were still not refunded I opened a case and requested full refund from paypal.

These people are a bunch of jokes. Don't waste your time on them... they are dishonest on their website, they will not honour the price stated even when you pay right away in full. I've never used them before and I certainly won't in the future.

2 years ago

review by Killerko

#price(3/5) #refund(3/5)

placed order on 10th Jan, order suppose to arrive Fri, 19 Jan 2018, never heard from them, contacted customer service to get answered by rude customer service all that she was saying, item not in stock, we don't know when it will be back, I think she was reading from a paper, received email saying item will be back in stock last week. Today I received a phone call from Novatech saying good news item back in stock and demand extra £400 for my order or I can cancel, this is misleading and I tried to speak to complaint department which they don't have one. I will pass the case to the company solicitor to deal with.

2 years ago

review by Deleted User

#customer service(3/5)

Communicated with the customer services director regarding a warranty issue she couldn't careless what a disgusting attitude it's obvious why she is in that position to intimidate bully deter those that think they can make a claim under warranty that dare to take her on. Products ok customer services, warranty claims, refunds absolutely dreadful, like I read in another review they will fight you to the bitter end if you are after a refund even though if they are wrong, consumers need to be made aware of this, absolutely disgusting, unfair, unreasonable treatmentment towards a loyal customer for years. Probably trying to claw back the huge losses they probably had from their other 3 Novatech shops that went under but this is just my opinion

2 years ago

review by A. Loyal

#refund(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

Have used Novatech Cosham for over 20 years now. Had the occasional issue but they always fix anything diligently to "as new" condition. We are very lucky to have these guys in business in the U.K. Prices are very often competitive too :)

2 years ago

review by Stephen L.


Purchased laptop four years ago. Keyboard failed twice. This last time ordered replacement from Novatech. No feedback so rang them to find they where my order was. Was told they were out of stock and in addition they could not get any keyboards. They sent me a link to a website but when checking it out the keyboard was not the same. Cannot procure a keyboard so laptop now useless. This company very obliging when placing order but their back up is the worst I have ever had the misfortune to have contact with. Excuses after excuses. £1300 down the drain. Companies should be forced to hold stock of parts for a number of years.

2 years ago

review by Mick Newcombe Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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