Laundry Service

A service that washes, dries, and irons clothes.



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Laundry Service

Laundry Service A service that washes, dries, and irons clothes.



Сompanies in this category



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2.5 SmartReviews Score

Indy Laundry Fairy

We are an Indianapolis-based personal laundry service offering free pick-up and delivery Our wash and fold service is based on a subscription-based model and provides the very best in service so that our customers can mark laundry off their to-do list forever We provide bags hangers hanging bags and detergents


2.8 SmartReviews Score

Coin-Operated and Commercial Laundromat Equipment Parts Supplies

Midwest Laundries sells commercial laundry equipment coin-operated washers and dryers and laundry parts and supplies to vended laundromats apartments and businesses with on-site commercial laundry needs We are the largest single-source laundry equipment and laundry service company in Chicago


7 Reviews

4.2 SmartReviews Score


Laundrapp offers dry cleaning and laundry service to your door with free pick up and delivery in all UK Purchase online or download our award winning app

Recent Reviews

AVOID this company - look how many negative reviews they have - is it worth it?? They lost all of my underwear and then refused responsibility or compensation. I used their wash, dry & fold service. Firstly, their driver tried to cancel the collection saying he couldn't find my apartment. I got straight on to the live chat with them because I could literally see his van on my road. He finally showed up (late) without any apology. I handed him my laundry, but when I received it back ALL of my underwear was missing. WTF? Nothing else was missing except for my underwear. The company were totally incompetent, denying responsibility saying that because the items aren't individually tagged for this service they aren't responsible. Complete nonsense. As a laundry company, they have a duty of care to look after items left in their hands and in this regard they clearly completely failed. Again i'll highlight the fact that it was ONLY my underwear that went missing without a trace - embarrassing for me, and also insidious in my opinion. They compensated me for the cost of the service (£15), but not for the items lost, which was around £100 worth. I was not even expecting a full compensation, just the value of the items at the time that they got lost, but received absolutely nothing except deniability of responsibility and a pathetic "sorry we can't help you". This company is absolutely untrustworthy and feckless, if you happen to lose an item in their wash, dry & fold service, don't expect to have a happy resolution, so only give them items you'd be happy to lose!


9 months ago

J. M.

I became victim of the fraud via LaundrApp, 490 GBP stolen from my card. This is a ridiculous amount for a dry cleaning, but you are fighting my chargeback and your customer support tried to mislead me into recalling my claim. How's that for a customer service ?


1 year ago

Mikhail Veselov


2.9 SmartReviews Score

Sweetie Pie Diaper Service

Sweetie Pie Diaper Service is all about helping families save the world, save time & money and save their sanity with cloth diaper delivery and laundry service.

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