Glasses Store

A store that sells glasses.



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Glasses Store

Glasses Store A store that sells glasses.



Сompanies in this category



Number of reviews in category

36 Reviews

4.8 SmartReviews Score


Recent Reviews

714 SM - Persol

The glasses wasn’t in good condition when I received it , but the service was good , the delivery time and customer care also.


2 months ago

Mohammed Alnabati

They don't update the website if an

They don't update the website if an item is out of stock and force you to wait a month to get your glasses shipped to you! They refuse to refund you if you can't wait this long! I want may money back.


2 months ago

Hessa Gh

2 Reviews

3.2 SmartReviews Score


EJ Sunglasses is an online sunglasses store where you can order brand-name sunglasses and branded accessories Shop our expansive inventory today

Recent Reviews

I purchased Ray Ban

I purchased Ray Ban sunglasses from this store (it was around 1/3x cheaper than everywhere else) it arrived in about 5 days well packed and shipping was free etc etc. I used it for about a week and didn't really like it so I just put it back in the box and sent it back to them (I payed return shipping of course) didn't have to tell them why or that I was shipping it and I got credited the whole amount back to me. I guess the moral of the story is buy glasses online only if you already tried them on and like them and EJ's is a good store with reasonable prices.


2 months ago

Miznig D.

In addition to me

In addition to me earlier review, this is an update as of 2/23. ------------------------------------------------------------------ After searching through out and finding that the sunglasses we wanted for our kids are back ordered at every place, my wife ordered them again through EJ's as their web-site showed them in stock. This time, instead of using the credit card, we chose to use the Paypal to abbreviate merchant's fear of online fraud. Order went through, received system generated order accepted email immediately. Next day, we received "order approved" and subsequently order fulfilled email by the end of the day. But this time the tracking number for the shipment was missing from the last email. Ignoring that as perhaps user entry error, we decided to wait. Nothing showed up for 4 days and then we called EJ's, dreading that we might be going to speak to the same manager. Thankfully, it was a different person who identified himself as the owner of the store. We told him the issue and he promised to get back to us in a day time. And he did, and told us that they didn't have the items in stock (hmmm..) but ordered directly from the manufacturer with a drop ship request. At the end of the call, he also mentioned about the review and told us that he will definitely work to improve the customer service experience. We received the glasses two days after that call directly form mfgr, who shipped them Fedex ground. Well, as long as the merchant is recognizing and making an effort to address customer concerns, in my opinion, they are good merchants. Therefore, I decided to bump the stars (from 1 to 4) on this review. ---------- Earlier Review ---------------- Horrible-horrible experience!!! I broke the frame of one of my favorite sunglasses and after a search, I could find just the frame at EJ's. I placed the order, and received the confirmation e-mail. Right after the order I realized that I wanted to order pair of sunglasses for my kids too. To save on shipping, I decided to club the order with my previous order. It was already past 5 pm central time, no one available on the phone, so I tried to go into my order page to change it -- couldn't do it as there was no such option. I decided to send an e-mail to change or cancel the existing order thinking that they would at least be able to modify it before they ship. The next e-mail I got was that my order was shipped and my CC was charged for full amount including shipping. There was NO e-mail regarding my request or even an acknowledgement that yes we received your email but we can't do it. No apologies or nothing. Fine! So, after receiving the frame I placed another order, this time only for the kids' sunglasses. I got 2 emails - order confirmation and order fulfilled and then, BAM! came the 3rd mail - order cancelled. Reason - credit card declined. Hmm.. it shouldn't have happened, never in the history of my online shopping, my card was ever declined. Even, I had placed the earlier order using the same card. Thinking that things happen, I placed the same order using another card. Got order confirmation email, pending approval. Next email was order cancelled without specifying any reason. In the mean time, I called my credit card company and they told me that none of my card were punched for the payment or the payment was never presented to my bank, so there is no possibility of declining. I called the store (EJ's) to understand the reason and to figure out why my order was cancelled. A woman claiming to be store manager picked the phone and told me that she called my phone number and it went to someone in Georgia (I'm in California). She claimed that it was a red flag for her and she thinks I'm an online fraud. WOW! I tried to reason if I'm fraud why would I call in, and look at my earlier shopping history where he payment went through and in all my orders, both my billing and shipping addresses are same. To which she continued that this is another red flag for her as I'm trying hard to convince her. She continued with her blabber that she is in this business for quite some time, didn't start just this morning and have enough intelligence. Yes, you do have intelligence.... OF A HOG. She never went over the possibility that she might have dialed a wrong number or that I gave two different card numbers on two separate occasions. If one declined, she could have used the second one but the problem is she never presented the cards for payment. With such level of intelligence, she would definitely help the store owner shut down his business sooner. If I had been trying to fraud, I would have ordered the most expensive pair of glasses and not just an order totaling $70. She literally started yelling on the phone interrupting me whenever I tried to say something. This was their idea of customer service, HORRIBLE!!. If they are so scared doing business online, they should just stop it or should not allow any forms of credit card payments.


2 months ago

Lilgenie A.

3.6 SmartReviews Score


Party Sunglasses Store! Perfect for Raves, Music Festivals, Day Parties, and Special Occasions. No Party Like a Shades On Party.. Get Your Pair Today!

3.4 SmartReviews Score

Urban Street Shades

1 Online Sunglasses Store For Women We want to prove that shopping for Womens sunglasses Online means you can enjoy stylish sunglasses at a reasonable prices Our prices are ow because we have no middle men so you buy direct from Urban Street Shades No fancy showrooms No overstaffing and low advertising costs

3.9 SmartReviews Score


From fashion designer sunglasses to best sports sunglasses to anti-blue sunglasses sale, Avoalre sunglasses store has served tens of thousands of customers worldwide. We are striving to provide the best service and products to customers. Free shipping and returns on all orders.

2.9 SmartReviews Score

Fento Wood Frame Sunglasses - Mens Wood Frame glasses

Looking wood frame glasses stores near me? Fento solves your problem of where to buy Wood Frame Sunglasses. You will get the wood frame, aviator, polarized sunglasses. Apart from it, Fento offers best handmade gifts from cool phone cases to sunglasses USA.


2nd Floor College House

17 King Edwards Road






Contact to, if you have questions.

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