Medical Supply Store

A store that sells medical supplies.



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Medical Supply Store

Medical Supply Store A store that sells medical supplies.



Сompanies in this category



Number of reviews in category

48 Reviews

2.4 SmartReviews Score

4MD Medical

4MD Medical is a leading online medical supply store offering wholesale and individual medical supplies Shop today and save with free shipping on many orders

Recent Reviews

Avoid this company at all costs

Didn't look up the reviews before buying and I regret it. 2 to 3 days is just a gimmick, followed up after 2 weeks and got a response from Jennifer Delpome that 'it would ship by the end of the week'. Never happened and they have stopped replying to emails. Scamming people on medical supplies is beyond low will be calling 311 to report this scam business.


1 week ago

Rebecca T.

bad, bad, awful customer service

we bought some medical supplies from 4MD Medical, we didn't received our order complete, they said they were gonna fix it and send the product we were missing, after a week of not contacting us by phone or email to keep us updated we decided to call, we called for 2 days in a row with the second day waiting on the phone for 4 hrs with out anyone answering and just being on hold, we sent an email complaining and they said some one was already working on our case, so far no calls or updates, the is a bad business, don't buy from them, they are awful and just make you waist your time and so far we haven't receive our money back, never buying from them again!!!


2 weeks ago

Sandra B.

15 Reviews

2.6 SmartReviews Score

Online Medical Supply Store Home Healthcare Products Durable Medical Equipment

Online Medical Supply Store for fitness lifestyle products to improve mobility and independent living BUY Home Healthcare Products and Durable Medical Equipment Online at Active Forever LOW PRICES

Recent Reviews

I placed an order with this site for around $1000 worth...

I placed an order with this site for around $1000 worth of disability and living aids for my 91 year old father. The site appeared to be provided by a large and reputable supplier of equipment and I was keen to obtain some safety devices as he'd had a few falls recently and I was worried for his safety. I wanted to get the goods as quickly as possible, so I agreed to pay extra for rush processing and 3-day expedited delivery. After a week with no goods, I phoned them only to find that the order hadn't been processed at all. I was initially told that because it was a big order, it had been delayed on suspicion of fraud, regardless of my having paid for rush processing and fast shipping. This is allegedly their normal response to being given a valuable order, would you believe. Then it transpired that the person allegedly dealing with the order wasn't even in the office until the next week, and the customer service person had no idea why the order wasn't being dealt with. But she would phone this person up and try to find out. Later. And indeed I did get a call back to say that this person had been contacted and had now released my order for processing, a week late. And it went downhill from here on. When placing my order, there was no suggestion that any product wasn't normally held in stock. However, to my amazement I was now told that in fact only a few of the smaller items were stocked, with half the unstocked items coming all the way from suppliers on the other side of the country. So in fact 3-day shipping wouldn't be possible. Well then, could they just send what they had and have the rest shipped to me directly from their suppliers? Nope, everything would have to be collected in one place before being dispatched, as otherwise they "wouldn't be able to calculate the shipping". However, I was offered 3-day expedited shipping calculated from the day they had the goods in stock, which wouldn't be that week, a laughable offer under the circumstances and clearly just a way to hang on to the extra fee I'd agreed to pay for shipping. Oh and contrary to information on the website, I had allegedly ordered three "oversized" items and would have to pay up to another $60+ in shipping for just one of them, on top of the $70 I had already arranged to pay for the expedited shipping and the "rush processing". The customer service rep apologized and told me she had emailed the webmaster to point out their error. As if I cared, by this time. And to add insult to injury, they didn't even offer to refund the fee I'd paid for the so-called same-day "rush processing". I canceled the whole order and would strongly advise anyone fooled into thinking this is a large and reputable supplier to place their order by phone, and confirm all the details, costs, and delivery dates before agreeing to pay this company anything. Make sure they can actually deliver the goods and get a firm shipping cost before committing yourself to a purchase. Finally I took the opportunity to respond to their invitation to send feedback. I wrote at length about my awful experience and my disappointment with their terrible customer service, and dispatched the feedback by form from the website with at least some small hope of getting a response, if not an apology. But I got nothing in reply and for all I know they didn't even bother to read the feedback anyway. Worst experience I've had at an online store, ever. UPDATE 9/14/09: These people have the cheek to be sending me spam emails now, even though I never bought anything from them and don't ever intend to.


1 week ago

Chris O.

Wish I could give this NEGATIVE 20 stars!

I placed my order for a new peak flow meter, and didn't get so much as an email confirmation of any kind. Worse over, they don't answer the phone when you call, want you to leave a voice mail, and they don't call back. They literally steal customer's money and never ship a thing.


1 week ago

Jacqui S.

3 SmartReviews Score

Innovo Medical Supply Store Thermometers Pulse Oximeters Equipment

Innovo is a medical supply store and equipment manufacturer We offer infrared thermometers pulse oximeters pulse massagers home hospital equipment

2.9 SmartReviews Score

Medical Supplies Physician Supplies Home Medical Supplies

MedixSource is a leading online medical supply store offering wholesale and individual medical supplies Shop today and save with free shipping on many

3.1 SmartReviews Score

Apollo Lab Supply

Apollo Lab Supply is a reliable online Medical Supply store providing sterile syringes, needles, and related products at competitive prices. Exceptional customer service and privacy is our ultimate goal.

2.6 SmartReviews Score

FACE Medical Supply Pepfactor Microcannula and More

FACE Medical Supply is dedicated to providing all your medical supplies for your cosmetic and wellness practice We use quality products at an affordable price and strive to deliver the best customer service Our medical supply store carries everything from Pepfactor to syringes to microcanula and more

2.6 SmartReviews Score

Medical Supply Store Medical Supplies Phoenix

Valley Medical Supplies is a self-pay only home medical supply store located in Phoenix Arizona Visit our showroom or call 6029004260

1.9 SmartReviews Score

Medical Supply Store Miami

Medical supply store Miami. Shop medical supplies online. We have the best prices and the best discounts on medical supplies in Miami


2nd Floor College House

17 King Edwards Road






Contact to, if you have questions.

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